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Color Reference Chart

This Chart Shows A Variety Of Process Colors Available At Sun Coast Press
Example: 0AA0 = 0% Cyan, 100% Magenta, 100% Yellow, 0% Black
A 100% 9 90% 8 80% 7 70%
6 60% 5 50% 4 40% 3 30%
2 20% 1 10%

Our Most Popular Colors Are...

Process Blue (Cyan) - A000
Process Red (Magenta) - 0A00
Process Yellow - 00A0
Red (Coke) - 0A60
Reflex Blue - A400

Other Available Colors Are...

Green - A0A0
Cerise - 4800
Dark Blue - AA00
Sky Blue - 5400
Light Blue - 7300

Additional InStock Colors (Subject to Change)...


NOTE: Many factors influence final color reproduction. Actual color may vary from that which is represented on this sample page.


Why is the color matching inconsistent between days and even between the same ad on the same day?

There are many challenges when printing color ads on the press. The speed of the press and the length of the press run can affect the ink density. When the press starts, the pressroom operators are working to apply the proper amount of ink density to every page. There may be pages that are slightly lighter or darker initially. However, as the press continues to run the ink densities are set to standard.

What is Dot Gain?

Dot Gain is an increase in the diameter of the halftone dot. Dot Gain will always be present in offset printing. A 40% dot in an image may read as high as 70% when printed. This indicates a total Dot Gain of 30%. Not all dots grow at the same degree. The highest area of Dot Gain is in the mid tones (40%-50%-60%).

Should I create black using 4 colors, CMYK (rich black)?

4-color black, or rich black, is not recommended. Color can shift and misregistration of type becomes more visible.

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Mary K. Sullivan • adviser to the Lightning Strike, newspaper at Dr. Michael Krop Senior High School