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Do’s and Don’ts

Check list for successful newsprint printing
Image Handling

1 Use full body cameras. Try not to use cell phone images and web images.
Edit color settings to US Newsprint (SNAP 2007)
Tone images in Photoshop and sharpen
Convert images to CMYK or Greyscale in Photoshop
Crop and use a resolution of 200%
Upsize images with a resolution lower than 72dpi
Place images without first processing in Photoshop

Templates & Presets

2 Send true center spreads as a spread export
Edit color settings to US Newsprint (SNAP 2007)
Create a template using SCP specs. Contact rep for sizes
Export a PDF for print using the SCP PDF preset
Set Default PDF preset as PDFx 1a 2001
Send spreads as individual files
Optimize PDF if file size is large

Design Tools

3 Build ads in a document program like InDesign
Always view PDF’s in Adobe Acrobat Pro or Reader
Place PDF’s directly onto the InDesign document
Build ads in an image program like Photoshop
Open PDF’s in Photoshop and save as an image file



4 Use 12pt knockout font like Helvetica on a color background
Use 10pt knockout font like Helvetica on a single color like black, cyan or magenta
Stylize fonts using the bold tool. Always use the actual font family.

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