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Importing a PDF

Presets and Spreads

1Sun Coast Press uses a PDF preset, that can be found on the SCP website. This will set the PDF settings properly to preflight and image sampling. The settings will save the customer from calls later on files failing.

2The PDF preset once downloaded can be imported through InDesign or Acrobat Distiller. Once the settings are imported they should not be changed.

3All pages need to be sent as pages, with these radials selected. When sending a double truck or spread. The page range will be selected and the radial for Spreads.

PDF Option Import

PDFx 1a 2001 Modified for cold offset web

1The file to creat a proper PDF must be imported to create a PDF for Sun Coast Press. Once the file is saved you can put this file anyplace since it will be imported into the Adobe job options folder.

File Adobe PDF Presets Define

1The first dialogue box allows you to load the job option file you will use when you export a PDF file. Click the button Load then navigate to the job option file. Select the file and hit save.

Load [Job Option File] File Save

1The last step will look like the second window diagram showing the file imported into the group see picture 2. Once you see the file Suncoastpress in the list click done and the file will be in the PDF presets. PDF x1a 2001 is very similiar to this file. The difference is the color profile attached for cold web offset print is for newspaper and not glossy.

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