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Digital Camera

35mm Body

Most photo’s will be taken with a small or large body camera can use the Auto mode. Try and avoid camera phones and snappy cameras. Being aware of camera settings can help with action shots and low light situations. Photographers use the ISO (international standard organization) settings which control the sensitivity of the image sensor. The lower the number the less sensitive and the finer the grain ie image is sharper.

The higher the number the more sensitive the sensor. This would be used for action shots like indoor sports events. The downside is more noise or not as sharp image.

Google Images

Avoid Images From Internet Searches

Try not to use images from the web. People have worked hard on capturing those images and postng them. Many are copyrighted when they are posted. Always get permission and give credit for any image used.

You can legally purchase stock images from these sites…


Short Focal

Iphone, Android & Snappy

Always use the highest resolution based on the line screen. Newspapers could be 100 lpi and magazine 300lpi available. Basic rule: The resolution is twice the number of the line screen used by the printer.

100 LPI = 200%

CMYK Conversion

CMYK = Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black

Images should be converted to CMYK in Photoshop.
CMYK is the correct color mode for full color print

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Vector Image

Based on Points and Curves

Unlimited Resolution
Can be scaled up
.pdf Files
.eps Files


Raster Image

Based on Pixels

Limited resolution
Usually photographs
Photoshop files
.tiff files
.gif files
.png files
.jpg files
Can not be scaled up

RGB Conversion

RGB = Red, Green, Blue

Images should be converted to CMYK in Photoshop.
Should be used for digital/monitor view